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Jeff Harris: has been a basic gym rat sense the late 70s, never going too long without belonging to a fitness center of some kind. Jeff started down the path of fitness certification in the late 90s, but life got in the way and he didnt complete his certification at that time. Not being deterred from his goal, he returned to this path and passed the NSCA-CPT test in 2008. Jeff has been leading martial-based group classes since the late 90s.
     When Jeff was young, he enthusiastically watched the old Kung fu and Samurai movies and dreamed of one day learning martial arts. However, in the small Michigan town where he lived, there were no martial arts schools.  In addition, his parents saw no value in such training, thus did not support his quest. Twenty plus years later, Jeffs wife Marlene, having a similar dream when she was a child, stumbled onto Shinkendo. Having found this art, not only could he train in martial arts, but he could train in the techniques of the samurai. The samurai were what many of the dramas he watched as a child were based on. He began training in Shinkendo in 1995, and started teaching in 1998. Along with Shinkendo, Jeff has also trained in Bo-jutsu, or long staff, and currently teaches this as well. In the past he has also trained in Shaolin Kenpo, Modern Arnis, and Combat Cane, and has been exposed to other arts through special topic seminars such as Bahalana escrima , Doce Pares eskrima, Shoin ryu, and aiki.
     Jeffs rank in Shinkendo is Ren-e, equivalent to 2nd Dan, and he is Chuden Renshi Kaku, or intermediate level instructor, in teaching  rank.

Marlene Harris is certifed by both NSCA and NASM (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, & Corrective Exercise Specialist, respectively), and has a diverse background that encompasses a well-rounded mix of fitness & martial arts practice, teaching experience, & academic study. In additon to her foundation in physiological & motivational psychology, her studies also include exercise physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, & independent honor's research of the factors affecting immune function & chronic pain conditions. She graduated with honors from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
     Marlene's martial arts study includes Japanese sword (Shinkendo, since 1995), bo staff, Shaolin Kenpo karate, & Modern Arnis. She holds rank in each & teaching certificates in both Shinkendo & Modern Arnis. Sensei Harris has also held certification as Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning via the International Sports Sciences Association. She has been teaching Shinkendo, cardio-kickboxing, resistance training, & arnis principles for the past 11 years. All of these elements appear in a variety of forms within the 2x Fitness program.
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