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Sword Forum International
An academic organization promoting swords and  swordsmanship

Martial Talk
The Internets Source For Japanese Martial Arts and Culture
Equipment, Supplies, Books , Videos Ect.
W. M. Hawley Library
Bugei Trading Company
Samurai Archives
Sho-Shin News Letter
A very interesting site with articles  on Samurai history, and Japanese Sword history
A page of well written Martial Arts articles from a variety of sources
Japanese Sword Society of the United States
some good articles on maintaining swords & history
Kampai Budokai
Artha Gallery
High-performance presentation-grade bokken. Hand crafted of beautiful exotic woods
Arizona Dojos
Arizona Shaolin Kenpo Academy
Shaolin Kenpo,Japanese Swordsmanship, Grappling
Aoi Budogu
They have distributed and crafted Japanese Katana  since 1976, from Mino,
Bushi Tales
We are happy to have  met the folks from Bushi Tales at both Arizona II and The Phoenix Anime Fest. They are very cool people and good at what they do. We very much enjoyed using their soundtrack for our demo, and they have a great comic book too! Check them out!
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